sculpture and sound installation
Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada 2009

Otherworld was an installation of video, transcriptions, and vinyl records. The work is a re-translated a classical Noh play, from a series of scripts, one of which was translated into English by the author Ezra Pound. The process of interpreting a translation created a new meaning that was further processed by the actors in the video through their physical interpretation of the play’s script. The transcript of the video, literally a third translation of the material, allowed the viewer to interpret the material independently.The themes of the plays involve interrelationships over time, as classical Noh theatre often involves the depiction of ghosts, death, and apparitions. The essence of the artwork is to explore this concept of the transient – something having the potentiality to produce results beyond itself, or to pass in and out of a state of being and still retain meaning.